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When I formally assumed the host/producer responsibilities for “The Grooveyard” a month ago, one of my goals was to use the show as a hub for the oldies community.  While we’ve done a lot, that cannot easily be accomplished in a two-hour radio show.  This  blog has been established to build on “The Grooveyard” show.  Along with information on what’s coming up on the show itself, we’ll have a concert calendar, videos of the week’s “Top 10 at 10”, replays of interviews from the show, share other news and ideas and have occasional listener surveys which will be used in future shows.  (The first Top 10 at 10 will be posted here sometime towards the end of tonight’s show.)

We also want your ideas, both for the show and the blog.  Please use the form below to send me any comments or requests.  I look forward to hearing from you.  And thanks for joining us, both here and on Thursday nights at 9 PM ET on “The Grooveyard” on WCWP–88.1 FM on Long Island, on wcwp.org or on the Tune In app on your Smart Phone.


Alan Seltzer

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