Poll Results: Herb Reed and the Platters

Here’s the final results for our poll on your favorite song by The Platters.  Voting was very close for the bottom half of the poll, but there were no surprises about your all-time favorite.  As always, please add your comments below.

Just under the Top 10–the only write-in vote on the poll–here’s a 1964 cover version of a song that was a hit for Kitty Kallen — “Little Things Mean a Lot”.

Now on to your votes…

#10 “You’ll Never Never Know”

#9 “One in a Million”

#8 “With This Ring”

#7 “I Love You 1000 Times”

#6 “(You’ve Got) The Magic Touch”

#5 “My Prayer”

(A personal note:  Consider this proof that these are actual results.  If it was up to me, this would have been in the 1 or 2 spot!)

#4 “Only You (And You Alone)”

#3 “Twilight Time”

#2 “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

and your favorite song by The Platters, and the #351 Best Song of All Time according to Rolling Stone Magazine…

“The Great Pretender”

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