Friday’s Rock Show: The “What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong” Edition

My apologies to anyone who attempted to listen to my show last night.  While the show itself–both the originally planned interview and the music that replaced it–was good, a combination of storm-related travel issues and technical break-downs resulted in the postponement of the interview and a show that was barely listenable on the air.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • There were power failures on the LIU Post campus all day following a  lightning strike near the station.  Local police actually shut down that area of the campus for much of the afternoon.  The station was on an emergency generator throughout the day and was knocked off the air several times.  This includes once towards the end of Sportswire–immediately preceding my show–while I was chatting with host Pat Creighton to preview the anticipated show.  (At that point, I still thought my guest would appear.)  As a result, we started the show a few minutes late.
  • The lightning strike seems to have been near the building where the college has the networking equipment.  This knocked both our web stream–plus our sister online station, myWCWP–off the air.
  • Even while we were on the air, there was extensive static due to a switch that failed following the lightning strike.  (Sorry for lack of details–I won’t pretend to be knowledgeable on these matters.)  There was a temporary correction during Chris MacIntosh’s show, which followed mine.  Even when we were on the air–which was most of the show–the static made it difficult to actually hear the show itself.
  • Due to travel delays, I finally arrived at the station at about seven minutes before airtime, about a half hour later than usual.
  • Our scheduled guest, model Jessica Canizales, did not arrive in New York until 6:30 due to flight delays,  She and Ron Jiggs–her manager–were both extremely courteous and apologetic, and she will join us at a later date.  Given the other issues, I would have felt bad if she actually did show up for the interview, so it worked out.

We’ll be back to normal on The Grooveyard this Thursday night at 9, so join me then.  I’ll also be at the Sign of the Times benefit at Mother Kellys in Cedarhurst this evening, although anyone attending would likely be more interested in Jessica or any of the 40 other models appearing.  And just so you’re not left out entirely, here’s just one fun song that was in the music bag for last night’s show…

Once again, my apologies and thanks to some of you for attempting to listen last night.


UPDATE:  I met Jessica as planned at the Sign of the Times benefit.  She will be in New York in August and promised us a visit then.  Here’s a couple of photos in the meantime…

Yes, she did say “see you soon” when she signed the picture for me.  That should make it official.  (Incidentally, be careful with weather conditions in August.  I’ve now had two Playboy models on my show,  The first, April 2005 Playmate Courtney Culkin was on the evening of a snowstorm, and Jessica’s planned visit was cancelled due to thunderstorms and power failures.)



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