Happy Anniversary to CBS-FM!

Everyone at “The Grooveyard” wishes our friends at WCBS-FM a happy 40th anniversary.  They’ll be celebrating the event this weekend with a reunion of many of the jocks who made the station great over the years.  Simply put, there would be no interest in the music played on “The Grooveyard” today without everything done on CBS-FM since 1972.  While they’re not playing this music today, they kept the music alive for many years.

There’s also a Grooveyard connection, with Pat St. John joining us to discuss the death of Dick Clark earlier this year and plans for a visit from Cousin Brucie later. (The Brucie visit will be part of a “home-and-home” trade-off, with Alan Seltzer joining Brucie in his Sirius studios during his annual show supporting WhyHunger’s Hungerthon.)  Both Brucie and Pat will participate in the reunion Friday night.  Our only wish for the weekend would be that Bob Shannon, a mainstay of the station both during their oldies era and the post-“Jack” era, would be healthy enough to participate live.  Since he is scheduled to be represented by a pre-recorded show from 10 years ago (Sunday at 3 PM), that’s clearly not the case.  We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Here’s a treat for our Cousin Brucie fans,,,

Enjoy the weekend with WCBS-FM, but remember that the music you want is now on “The Grooveyard” every Thursday from 9-11 PM on 88.1 FM and wcwp.org.

“The Grooveyard…

Where Oldies Come Alive!”

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