This Week: Hal David, Back to School and Grooveyard Greats

With Labor Day behind us, it’s time to go back to school.  We’ll celebrate the end of summer and start of the school season on this week’s edition of “The Grooveyard” Thursday night at 9 PM on 88.1 FM on Long Island, the 88.1 FM link on or the TuneIn app on your SmartPhone.  Along with that, we’ll feature the songs of September 6, 1963 on the Top Ten @ 10 and pay tribute to the great Hal David, who died Saturday.

Since it’s schooltime, we’ll also start to give homework.  Voting begins this week for the “Grooveyard Greats”, a listener poll to determine the best songs of the Grooveyard era.  You’ll be asked to vote for what your 10 favorite songs of a different year each week.  The poll for the best songs of 1963 will be posted here Wednesday.  The songs getting the most votes on each year’s survey advance to the final round beginning Thanksgiving Day, and the 30 top songs will be played December 27th.  Check updates on our new Grooveyard Greats page, or check the box on the right to follow this blog and get updates sent via e-mail.  Vote early, and vote often–and let us know what you think via the comment form below.  We’d love to hear from you.

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