Program Note – Hurricane Sandy

Your friends at “The Grooveyard” typically update you on special programming events for the week each Monday or Tuesday.  However, much of this week’s program schedule is uncertain due to Hurricane Sandy.  LIU Post, the college owning WCWP-FM, is closed due to the storm until at least Wednesday, and live programming on the station has been suspended until at least Wednesday at 4 PM.  In addition, the storm may cause a scheduled guest appearance to be postponed until a later date.  Since the current show plans are subject to change at this point,  we’ll postpone any announcement for the week’s on-air events until Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

As long as you have power and Internet access, you can still enjoy “The Grooveyard” online. The video edition of our Top Ten @ 10 for November 1, 1956 will be posted as usual Thursday night around the time the on-air feature normally ends.  There’s 11 songs on this week’s Top Ten–with an explanation included–plus a bonus video you won’t want to miss.  Of course, our past Top Ten @ 10 posts are still available here for your enjoyment.  Look for the “follow” link on the right side of this page to get the videos via e-mail when they’re available.

You can also continue to vote for your favorite songs on our Grooveyard Greats listener polls.  The poll for the best songs of 1958 will close on Thursday, while the poll for your favorite songs from 1961 will continue all week.  We’ll open the last poll in the first round–for the best of 1961–here on Thursday as scheduled.  Take a break from watching the storm coverage and vote for your favorite songs.  There have been some close races, so your votes can make a difference in which songs will reach the final round.  You can also check the results so far and the full schedule on the Grooveyard Greats home page.

Most important, be safe so you can continue to  enjoy “The Grooveyard” on 88.1 FM on Long Island, the 88.1 FM link on or the TuneIn app on your SmartPhone.  Feel free to send song requests, non-political rants, comments and suggestions below.  We hope to join you on the air Thursday at 9 PM as usual.

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