Remembering Pete


The day should not pass without remembering an old friend, Pete Fornatale, who died one year ago today.  Aside from being my only two-time guest on “The Rock Show” so far, I recall Pete’s smiling face as we both worked during Hungerthons for WhyHunger each November or at other dinners or events for the organization.

A few weeks ago, Peter Thomas Fornatale–Pete’s son–joined me on “The Rock Show” to discuss Fifty Licks, a book about the Rolling Stones that the two of them co-authored.  Just like my on-air conversations with Pete, when we planned to talk about a specific topic and wound up discussing everything but that subject for most of the interview, the conversation went in many directions aside from the book.  At one point, Peter mentioned the tribute the Beach Boys paid to his father, dedicating their last single “That’s Why God Made the Radio” to him at their anniversary concerts at the Beacon last year.  He was genuinely touched when I shared how that will always be Pete’s song for me.  Aside from the subject of the song, it was released online on the day he died.


We still miss you, Pete.

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