Snowstorm “Sleighs” Shows This Week


Due to potentially unsafe travel conditions, live programming on WCWP has been cancelled tonight and tomorrow.  Therefore, “The Grooveyard” with guest host Bobby G will not air as scheduled tonight.  In addition,Grooveyard host Alan Seltzer’s appearance on the Friday edition of “The Rock Show” will not take place.

Since the week’s broadcast of the Top Ten @ 10 will be cancelled, the survey will return next week, nto this week as planned.  In addition, we will not have an online edition tonight.  However, we’ll leave you with some fun and timely videos.  Music historians have often noted that there is a subset of Christmas Carols that have nothing to do with the holiday, and are more accurately called “Winter Songs”–the climatic opposite of the ever-popular Summer Songs.  The two got mixed together because of the beginning of the season four days before the holiday.  So as you stay warm, feel free to sing along with this favorite Winter Song:

Of course, Grooveyard listeners will likely prefer this version. . .

As a bonus, here’s an unusual interview with Phil Spector, the producer of the Ronettes’ version of the song. . .

For more of The Grooveyard while we’re off, don’t forget to check out the results of the Grooveyard Greats survey.  We’ll be back Thursday at 9 PM on . . .

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