This Week: A Rock ‘n Roll Party


Thursday night at 9 PM on”The Grooveyard”, guest host Bobby G will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Freed’s first Rock ‘n Roll Ball concert in New York by sharing rare recordings of a live 1956 concert by the iconic disc jockey and promoter.  Freed’s concerts were legendary–they were the first rock concerts, the first to include a wide variety of artists and the first integrated shows.  They went beyond being sold out, with fans wanting to get in rioting outside the arena on at least one occasion.

WCWP logoAlong with the live recordings, we’ll feature theTop Ten @ 10 for January 16, 1958.  “The Grooveyard” can be heard on 88.1 FM on Long Island, the 88.1 FM link on or via the link here.  Feel free to send song requests, comments and suggestions via Twitter or our comments and dedications pages.

Join us Thursday for a special edition of…

“The Grooveyard”

…Where Oldies Come Alive!


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