This Week: Flashback 1957

It was the year we first saw the NBC Peacock, and when “West Side Story” was on Broadway, “Cinderella”–starring Julie Andrews–was on television, Sputnik 2 was in space, Eisenhower was in the White House to begin a fourth term, and Frisbees and hula hoops were on beaches, parks and backyards.  This Thursday at 9 PM, Alan Seltzer will play the top 25 hots of 1957 in another Flashback special show on “The Grooveyard” along with as many bonus hits as possible from the year.WCWP logo

There’s still time to vote in our newly-expanded Summer Song Survey.  Vote daily for your 10 favorite summer songs here.  Along with songs about aspects of the season, the survey now includes songs that bring back memories of your time on the beach, weekend barbeques or your favorite amusement park.

Hosted by Alan Seltzer, “The Grooveyard” can be heard on 88.1 FM on Long Island, the 88.1 FM link on or the TuneIn app on your SmartPhone.

“The Grooveyard”

…Where Oldies Come Alive!

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