Video of the Week: October 27. 2014

One of the brightest events in the history of the Chiller Theatre Expo took place in New Jersey on a stormy October 2006 weekend when Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett took the concert stage with The Dead Elvi and Chiller’s favorite son Zacherle, the Cool Ghoul. Nobody knew at the time that Bobby was very ill. But, like the trouper he was, he proceeded to blast out one of his best performances ever … if not his best… of his Halloween classic “The Monster Mash”.  Pickett died the following April following complications from leukemia, making this his last live performance.

Zacherle, who had covered this tune some 40-plus years earlier and is now 96 years old, let Bobby do his thing and take center stage.  Here’s his recording of “Dinner With Drac”.

GY Greats 2014We’ll celebrate Halloween on Thursday’s edition of “The Grooveyard”.  (Spoiler alert:  A “graveyard smash” is among this week’s “Top Ten @ 10”.)   Voting also continues in our annual Grooveyard Greats listener poll.  You can vote daily for your 10 favorite songs of 1961 here through Thursday, and select your 10 favorite songs of 1957 here.  And join us each Thursday at 9 PM on . . .

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