In with the Old(ies)…

There’s no Top Ten @ 10 tonight, since “The Grooveyard” is taking New Years Day off.  We’ll be back with all new shows, including the Top Ten @ 10, next Thursday at 9 PM.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the 100 videos and information about the top songs in our 2014 Great 88 survey.  You can get a copy of the full survey here.

Most important, thanks to all of our listeners and online friends for your support in 2014.  This site had a 42% increase in page views last year, showing increases in 10 of 12 months.  Our Great 88 showed similar success, setting record highs for votes in seven out of nine first round polls, plus records in te finals, overall first round, and overall votes.  The results were similar on Twitter, with the number of followers more than doubling in 2014.

We have a lot to offer in 2015.  Along with continuing “The Grooveyard” and all the features you’ve told us you enjoy we’re adding a new show, the “Saturday Soiree” early in the year.  The weekend show will pick up where “The Grooveyard” leaves off, featuring the music from 1964 through the early 1970s.  A second website will be online soon, featuring videos from the “Soiree Survey”, just like we do on Thursday nights.  Keep watching and listening for details.  You can also follow the show on Twitter here.

We hope you make a resolution to join us each Thursday on…

“The Grooveyard”…

Where Oldies Come Alive!

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