This Week: Nonsense and Animal Songs

penguin talk 10-05

There will be a lot of nonsense on “The Grooveyard” this week, while the “Saturday Soiree” has howling fun with animal songs.

Red_Nose_Day_2011.svgThursday at 9 PM, host Alan Seltzer will feature nonsense songs on “The Grooveyard”.  The hour is in support of “Red Nose Day”, an annual event to help children living in poverty in the U.S. and overseas.  The Top Ten @ 10 will feature the hits of April 23, 1961.SatSoiree logo

Meanwhile, the Saturday Soiree will offer an hour of Animal Songs beginning at 7 PM.  In honor of World Penguin Day, we’ll play songs with animals mentioned in the title plus artists with animals in their names.  The week’s Soiree Survey offers the top songs of April 25, 1964.  (Spoiler alert:  Between the feature and the survey, there may be one or more songs by the Beatles.)

WCWP logo newBoth “The Grooveyard” and the “Saturday Soiree” can be heard on 88.1 FM on Long Island, the 88.1 FM link on or the TuneIn app on your SmartPhone.  (You can also click the logo on the left.)  Join us on. . .

“The Grooveyard”

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