This Week: Back to Bandstand, and Bye-Bye to Beatles

Beatles Bye

Online listeners of “The Grooveyard” were surprised two weeks ago when they weren’t able to hear our repeat broadcast featuring Dick Clark and American Bandstand.  Server problems affecting LIU Post eliminated our ability to stream the show that week.  Fortunately, we were able to find the problem by examining the security recordings…

Due to requests by listeners unable to hear the  show, we will rebroadcast that edition of “The Grooveyard” Thursday night at 9 PM.SatSoiree logo

Also this week, the Saturday Soiree will look back at the break-up of The Beatles when Scott Perschke plays the group’s last six singles at 7 PM.  The week’s Soiree Survey offers the top songs of May 2, 1969.

WCWP logo newBoth “The Grooveyard” and the “Saturday Soiree” can be heard–server permitting–on 88.1 FM on Long Island, the 88.1 FM link on or the TuneIn app on your SmartPhone.  (You can also click the logo on the left.)  Join us on. . .

“The Grooveyard”

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