This Week: Dion and the Moon

moon landing

Dion’s birthday and the anniversary of the first man on the moon will be celebrated this week by host Alan Seltzer on “The Grooveyard” and “Saturday Soiree”.

“The Grooveyard” will celebrate the 76th birthday of Dion DiMucci  Thursday night at 9 PM with a full hour of his recordings, both solo with the Belmonts.  The Bronx-born artist, better known just as Dion, was born July 18, 1939 in the Bronx.  Along with many of his hits, we’ll share a recording of the iconic 1972 reunion concert with the Belmonts at Madison Square Garden.  The Top Ten @ 10 will feature the hits of July 16, 1955.SatSoiree logo

Songs about the moon and the solar system will be featured on the Saturday Soiree in honor of the upcoming 46th anniversary of the first moon landing.  The biggest hits of July 18, 1969 will be featured on the Soiree Survey.  That’s the same survey that was heard on the historic date.

WCWP logo newBoth “The Grooveyard” and the “Saturday Soiree” can be heard on 88.1 FM on Long Island, the 88.1 FM link on or the TuneIn app on your SmartPhone.  (You can also click the logo on the left.)  Join us on. . .

“The Grooveyard”

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