Top Ten: July 9, 1960

Top Ten 1960

Here’s the Grooveyard Top Ten for July 9, 1960 as played tonight by Alan Seltzer on “The Grooveyard”:


“My Home Town” by Paul Anka


“Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” by Connie Francis


“Mule Skiunner Blues” by The Fendermen


“Pennies From Heaven” by The Skyliners


“I’m Sorry” by Connie Francis


“Love You So” by Ron Holden with the Thunderbirds


“That’s All You Gotta Do” by Brenda Lee


“Because They’re Young” by Duane Eddy and the Rebels


“Only the Lonely” by Roy Orbison


“Alley Oop” by Dante and the Evergreens

“The Grooveyard” can be heard Saturday nights from 7-10 PM. We offer the Grooveyard Top Ten each week at 8 PM, and the  all-new Party Hour at 9 PM.  Listen to us on 88.1 FM on Long Island or by clicking the 88.1 FM link on or via the TuneIn app.   You can also follow us on Twitter.

Join us on. . .

“The Grooveyard”

…Where Oldies Come Alive!


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