This Weekend: An “Itsy Bitsy” Tribute

brian_hylandA six-pack of hits by Brian Hyland will be featured on this weekend’s edition of “The Grooveyard”.

Filling in for Alan Seltzer, guest host Bobby G will feature the music of the artist who virtually defined the sound of bubble gum during the Grooveyard era.  He’ll also offer the hits of November 12, 1963, play more of your favorites during the Grooveyard Party hour and update the voting for our Grooveyard Great 88 polls.

GROOVEYARD 88_FINAL 2Voting continues in our fifth annual Grooveyard Great 88 listener survey.  The survey for your 10 favorite songs from 1959 closes Saturday at 10 PM.  You can also pick your 10 favorites from 1961 here through next Saturday.  A full first round schedule and addtional information can be found here.  Voting in the final round begins November 21.

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