Fifties Foto Flashback: Besties

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Hi folks, Retro Dee here with another Fifties Foto Flasback!

I’ve seen this photo pinned twice on Pinterest and posted in at least one other blog. Like most of the photos in this segment, I don’t know its original source. I truly love how these two gals are clearly best friends. I like how they are an example of being both young and carefree yet sophisticated and responsible as young people were at that time.


These two gals are probably still besties to this day!


These gals remind me of a photo I saw of my great aunt and her best friend during the same era. It comes across to me as a time that you could actually trust your best friend to really be a best friend and not inevitably stab you in the back. Man, what a concept!

So about these two gals: aren’t they the cutest? I love their casual clothing, the button up shirts with the folded back collars, the rolled up jeans on the gal on the right, their cute flats– and oh, those sunglasses! The Nifty Fifties were in full swing!

Also note: Their hair styles- short and curled. And something I’ve noticed in all young women of their day: much rounder faces and high cheekbones. Ladies just don’t look like that anymore. Healthy, full cheeked, glowing and fabulous.

This photo must have been taken during the summer. I stink at locating places just by looking at photos, but the sign behind them looks like it says “Oldest Auction in Hot Sp(rings)” I’m thinking Arkansas. Then there’s the Savoy Hotel and C&W… Cafeteria? I have no clue.

I can’t tell if the fella behind them is with the group, I’m guessing so. People were too conservative in those days to photo bomb. The old man on the very far left has been cut off and is clearly not part of their gang. I like his wing-tipped shoes though.

As always, if you have any information on this photo, or know where I can give credit to the original owner, please contact me. I’m into giving credit whenever I can, even removing content if I have to. Just ask nicely!

And remember, gals, be nice to your BFF. Treat her like a sister or a cousin. Enjoy each moment you spend with your best friend because time goes by fast and before you know it, all you’ll have left are photos.

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