Two Songs, One Theme

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Hi everyone! It’s Retro Dee and once again, I have more great songs for you from the 1950’s era, or as I like to call it, “The Best Era Ever”.

Today’s two songs are similar in more ways than one. One way is that they are both about being lonely and the tears people cry due to being lonely. (As you can see in the titles.) But the other thing I find that makes them similar, is although both songs have a sad theme, they don’t sound sad at all.

The first of the two songs is “Lonesome Tears” by the inimitable Buddy Holly. In this song, Buddy sings about how she left him all alone and how “lonesome tears fell all night long”. It’s one of those I-cried-the-blues-and-it’s-kind-of-liberating-to-admit-it kinds of songs.

Yet it’s still a blues-themed song, honest, and soulful. What stands out to me the most in this track is the contrast between the smoothness of his voice in the beginning and the energy that happens at the verse “you left me here all alone/ Hear me callin…” It’s a good example of his ability to change gears so quickly.

“Lonesome Tears” by Buddy Holly (1958)

The second song with a noticeably similar theme is “Lonely Teardrops” by none other than Mr. Jackie Wilson. This 1959 hit is not only a classic, but a prime example of Mr. Wilson’s diversity and true, immense talent.

Despite its title, you can’t be anything but happy when you listen to this song! Written by Billy Davis and Berry Gordy, this song is a joy to listen to. You just want to get up and sing along.

Nowadays, Mr. Wilson’s son, Bobby Brooks Wilson, performs this epic hit in the style of his father. It’s not hard to see that talent runs deep in that family.

“Lonely Teardrops” by Jackie Wilson (1959)

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love to vote in song surveys, song polls, etc… but I’d hate to have to vote between these two. Of course in the end, I’d probably vote for Buddy because I’m madly in love with his voice. Although, all technical aspects considered, “Lonely Teardrops” is quite possibly the better song. So I’d say it’s a wash.

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