Fifties Foto Flashback: Four Regular Boys

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Hi folks it’s Retro Dee with another edition of “Fifties Foto Flashback”!

In case you don’t know, “Fifties Foto Flashback” is the segment where I choose a photo from the 1950’s era and write about how amazing it is.

“Four Regular Boys” (aka “Good Boys”)

I don’t remember where I got this, it was most likely Pinterest, but I can’t find it in my current pins. But I do recall what I was thinking when I found it.

Four teen boys reading an article circa mid 1950’s

Here we have four young men in the 1950’s era, dressed in typical clothing for that time period. When I found this photo, I was thinking that this could be The four Crickets: Buddy, Jerry, Joe and Niki, but it’s not… It’s just four regular boys around that age, during that time, which is what makes it all the more amazing to me. The Crickets became one of the very first Rock n Roll bands and shaped the very core of music as we know it. The fellas in this photo were regular boys, probably great men, but not Stars. But put photos of the two sets of youths together, and you won’t see much difference. Their clothing, hair and mannerisms are all the same.

So what does that mean? To me, it means that the 50’s were an era of opportunity. Boys in the United States had the chance to become whatever they wanted: bankers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, Rock n Roll Stars… and they were all brought up the same way: with dignity and manners. Boys in the 1950’s were mature enough to marry and raise their own family by the age of 21. And they did.

As far as the clothing goes: all eras have their styles and trends. The 1950’s might not have been outlandish or daring. Many young men all looked the same. Clothing styles (especially for young men) was later deemed as “nerdy”! The fashions and overall behavior in the 1950’s did not take a lot of risks, but there there was a sense of normalcy and stability that you just don’t see today. Whether they were destined for stardom, or just going to grow up to be regular folks, the boys of that era dressed well, and were well-mannered.

Boring? Maybe. But tell me it didn’t work. Life back then was simple and structured, a far cry from the chaos and turmoil of today’s world.

As always, if you have any information about this photo or know how I can give credit to the original owner of this photo, please contact me. I will be happy to give credit or even remove content, just ask nicely! 🙂


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