True Vintage Fashion Finds: Pat Hartly

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Bon jour, mes amis! I’m Retro Dee and Welcome to True Vintage Fashion Finds!

In this section, I’ll be sharing some of my true vintage fashion finds from my closet. Whether you’re a fellow vintage clothing enthusiast or not, I hope you enjoy them.

I’ve been shopping for vintage 1950’s era clothing for about 3 years now. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. There are literally thousands of shops to choose from online that offer authentic vintage clothing in various conditions and prices. It’s definitely an on-going search, but it’s fun.

I consider it a real “FIND” when I’m able to purchase a dress (or other garment) that is within my budget, in great condition and fits me well! When this happens, it’s a Triple Score!

Today I’ll be showing off one of the cutest dresses in my collection. It’s a gray and yellow patterned frock with an adorable neckline by Pat Hartly. I estimate this dress to be late 1950’s by the design. I purchased it from Buffalo Gal Vintage.

This dress arrived to me in fantastic condition as promised. It is extremely light-weight material which is perfect for summer. The day I took these photos it was about 90 degrees and this dress was very airy and comfortable.

Vintage ca. 1950’s summer dress by Pat Hartly

I just love the way it buttons ALL the way down, and on me it falls tea-length. The pattern is so retro, without being too busy. I like the subtle grays and the pale yellow.

Features buttons all the way down the dress.

The neckline gives it the style which is very indicative of that era. I like how it’s a TAD off the shoulders, but still on the shoulders enough so you can wear a bra. And the tie in front is just precious!

Front tie detail, typical of the 50’s styles.

I also love the label with the embroidered girl’s face. How cute is that? (You can also see a close-up of the super cute fabric design here!)

Pat Hartly dress label

The only issue I have with this dress is if I gain so much as an inch in the waist, it will be too tight. However, it appears I can move the hook and eye over if needed. I have a 24.5″ waist and it just barely closes on me as it is, so this dress is very petite!

I looked up some information on the designer, Pat Hartly, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t find much on the label at all! Although, I did manage find this ad for “Celanese” fabric featuring a model in a chic Pat Hartly dress:

Circa 1950’s fabric ad feat. Pat Hartly dress. Source: Pinterest

The ad lists the dress at Bonwit Teller for $25 which would have been the equivalent of about $275 in today’s money!

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