Music in the 1950’s: Three for Eddie C.

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Hello everyone and Welcome to this installment of Music in the 1950’s.

I’m Retro Dee and today we’ll be celebrating Eddie Cochran in honor of his Birthday this month.

Eddie Cochran (born October 3, 1938 in Albert Lea, MN) was a phenomenal talent, gone far too soon. Best known for his 1958 mega-hit “Summertime Blues”, Cochran gave teens everywhere a voice with what was to become one of the most recognized songs of the era.

Other popular Eddie Cochran songs include “C’mon Everybody”, “Twenty Flight Rock” and “Somethin’ Else” (written by his fiancee, Sharon Sheeley)

But I’d like to showcase three slightly lesser-known songs that I also really enjoy. Each of these shows the true talent of this amazing young man, who will forever be known as a Pioneer of Rock N Roll.

“Completely Sweet”

This song is so… well, completely sweet! Definitely one of my very favorites by him. It was written by Eddie and with included credits to his manager Jerry Capehart.

“Skinny Jim”

It don’t get more Rockabilly than Skinny Jim! This great classic was Eddie’s first solo single, released in 1956 when he was just 18 years old. This song was also written by Eddie with credits to Jerry Capehart. It has a fantastic guitar solo in the middle. Have a listen if you haven’t heard it before. And if you have, listen again!

“Rock N Roll Blues”

This one is kind of melancholy, but it also rocks; hence the name “Rock N Roll Blues”! The song was written by Bede Kornstein and Margaret Mundy and was released on the album “Cherished Memories” in 1962, two years after Eddie’s untimely death. I think it’s another of Eddie’s very best recordings. It stays in my head for days!

So there you have it, three of my very favorite, perhaps lesser known, Eddie Cochran songs.

For more about Eddie, you can read the bio I wrote “Eddie Cochran – Rock N Roll Rebel” and check out my review on the CD compilation: “All Best – Eddie Cochran”

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