Collecting 1950’s: Retro Holiday Decorations!

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Hi folks and Welcome to Collecting 1950’s… Today we’re going to be looking at some Holiday decorations from my collection that pay homage to The Best Era Ever.

No matter what era we’re in, designers and artists harken back to the 1950’s because it was such a happy time. It’s no wonder that 1950’s-inspired Holiday decorations are popular year after year.

It seems to me that decorations honoring the 50’s have become more prevalent in the past few years. However, I’m not sure if they have actually become more popular, or if it’s me who has been paying closer attention to them. At any rate, they sure are a fun way to brighten up the season and showcase my preference for a 1950’s Christmas!

Let’s start with these 4″ wooden ornaments that I found at a local gift shop a couple of years ago. I was really surprised and pleased to see them when the store put its merchandise for the Holiday Season out.:

Out of this World Santa

Peace on Earth

Here comes Santa Claus

Let’s be Jolly

Santa’s Express

Next, I bought 2 ornaments of vehicles from that era. When it comes to cars, I’m pretty clueless, but I know a beautiful classic when I see one. I think the pink glass one is a supposed to be a Cadillac, and I love the red Woody truck. These don’t have to be expensive, and they’re just enough to give your Holiday scene a little retro flair.

Glass Cadillac ornament

Woody truck and vintage elves

In the background you can see my elves which I bought vintage from eBay. There are tons of these things for sale online and if you don’t want to hunt down the true vintage ones, there are plenty of reproductions too.

Finally, is a mini 5″ pillow ornament, which I just set on the cabinet near the tree. The design is so cute and undeniably 1950’s.

Mini retro pillow ornament

I use the ornaments to decorate a very small 12″ tree. They’re huge on the little tree, which makes them show up nicely, proclaiming my love for the era for all to see!

Small 50’s-themed retro Christmas Tree.

Thanks for reading and have a swell Holiday! 🎄

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