This Weekend: Polka Power!


Join host Alan Seltzer on “The Grooveyard” Saturday night at 7 PM when we focus on the influences of polka music on rhythm and blues artists of the era.  You’ll hear a full hour of artists like Lawrence Welk, Larry Chesky and the Six Fat Dutchmen, plus we’ll have an in-studio interview with Playa Piyamo, the leader of polka-billy group, The Polka Hauntus.  The week’s Grooveyard Top Ten will feature the hits of April 3, 1830.

Listen to “The Grooveyard” following “Rick’s Redneck Ranch” each Saturday night at 7 PM on 88.1 FM on Long Island or by clicking the 88.1 FM link on, via the TuneIn app. or the  WCWP app on your iPhone or Android device.  You can also follow us on Twitter. and on the Facebook groups for the show and WCWP.

And by the way, APRIL FOOL!  By popular request, we’ll actually rebroadcast the Love Song Survey originally heard Valentines Day weekend on Saturday night’s show.  Check out all the songs on the survey here, complete with videos.

Join us for the Greatest Hits and Forgotten Favorites (and no polka) on. . .


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