Fifties Fashion Fix: Dressing for Spring

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Fifties Fashion Fix!

It’s finally Spring and Spring means springtime dresses. Spring was probably the most iconic season for the dresses of the 1950’s era. From pastel shades and florals to pretty polkadots and stripes, the frilly feminine look of the fifties is partial to springtime.

Ca. mid 1950’s clothing catalog feat. Spring dresses

These days it might be over-the-top to buy an ultra-glamorous vintage dress if you aren’t going anywhere super formal. But you can still dress retro 50’s without looking like you’re going to the prom.

When I shop for true vintage, I try to pick something that’s quintessential of the era, without being too showy. A fit and flare day dress printed with spring florals can be just the thing to wear to any Spring event.

Remember that dress I talked about in Episode I of Slogans from the 50’s You’d Never Hear Now ? It was the dress that had the printed slogan “A Regulated Cotton Never Misbehaves”. At the time I wrote that post, the dress was still for sale. Well, the bad news it’s not available anymore. The good news is it’s unavailable because I bought it!

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the spring dress that won my heart, made from regulated cotton that “never misbehaves”…

Ca. 1950’s lilac floral spring dress

Isn’t she a beaut? (the dress, not me.) I love the neckline, the silhouette with the full skirt (yes, I’m wearing a petticoat) and the beautiful lavender springtime floral print.

Front view of dress.

And here’s our slogan, printed on the inside of the material of the dress:

Slogan for the cotton fabric of this dress.

Wow! Now that’s 1950’s for you, in a beautiful Springtime day dress. This last shot is a still from the IG video I had in my stories:

Screen shot from Instagram video

I purchased this dress from Starday Swellegant Vintage. They have some beautiful items, so you may want to check them out!

The photos truly don’t do this dress justice. So why not have a look at the videos? Go follow me on Instagram @mariepascal82 and check out the “Dresses” section on my bio page!

Thanks so much for reading, and have a stylish day!

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