Searchin’ For The 50’s: Classic Retro Games

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Welcome to “Searchin’ For The 50’s!”

I was inspired to do this segment when I was reviewing some of the things people were searching for that sent them to my blog. While some of the search terms sent them to a post with the exact information they were seeking, I realized that not every search term gave a direct answer to what people were looking for.

So for this section, I’ll be answering questions that were asked via search string.

Today’s string is “Classic Retro Games”

So what were some classic games from the 50’s era?

Answer: Basic games and hobbies were classics such as jacks, pick-up sticks, tiddly winks and hopscotch. Kids spent a lot of time playing outdoors in the streets of suburban neighborhoods.

1950’s style pick-up sticks

Of course there were games for adults too, like chess and card games. Pretty much anything basic we have now, they had then.

But did they have some of our favorite, classic board games? Why yes, they did! Board games began to take off in popularity in the 1940’s. Well known classics like Monopoly and Scrabble continued into the 1950’s. Some games like “Clue”, for instance, looked different than the game you might be used to from later decades.

One thing they did not have in the 50’s were video games, which allowed board games to take center stage for youngsters and families needing a night of game-playing fun.

For board games of the 1950’s era, see my previous post Collecting 1950’s: Vintage Board Games .

Well, that’s it for this edition of “Searchin’ For The 50’s!”

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