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From Alan Freed welcoming you to our Saturday rock and roll party to the closing strains of Sleepwalk, it’s obvious that The Grooveyard is not your typical oldies radio show.  Host Alan Seltzer plays all the favorite oldies from the earliest years of rock and roll but mixes them with a wide variety of forgotten favorites rarely heard on any radio station.  A typical edition of the show is divided into three hourly segments—a feature hour to begin the program, a Top Ten survey from that date in history, and the Grooveyard Party Hour, where anything can happen.  And in-between, you may hear an Under the Covers segment matching a forgotten hit from the Fifties and early Sixties to more contemporary versions, a six pack of hits by a featured artist and more.

Unlike most oldies shows on the radio today, The Grooveyard is interactive.  Along with a video edition of the weekly Top Ten survey that appears at wcwpgrooveyard.com at the end of the on-air survey, listeners are invited to participate in three annual listener surveys, with results available both on the air and online.  The show counts down listener favorites of the Love Song Survey each February, and a Summer Song Survey in June.  An annual fall tradition, the Grooveyard Great 88 offers listener’s top 88 songs, culminating with a year-end five-hour special edition of the show sharing the results.  Videos of all the songs on the survey are posted online during the countdown, and a survey sheet similar to the ones that used to be available in record stores is posted at the end of the show.  You can also follow us on Twitter @WCWPGrooveyard.

Join Alan Seltzer every Saturday from 7 until 10 PM ET on The Grooveyard—where oldies come alive!

You can listen to “The Grooveyard” four ways:

About Your Host:

Alan Seltzer has been a part of WCWP for more years than he’d like to recall.  He was the station’s Community Service Director and one of the hosts of Midnite Progressive in the late 1970s, and returned to host “Seltzer With a Twist” in 2005.  He’s also coordinated the annual “Homecoming Weekend” on-air reunion of station alumni for 13 years before retiring from that role in 2013.  While on WCWP, Alan has interviewed everyone from performers Gary U.S. Bonds, Darlene Love, Ronnie Spector, Gene Chandler and Tom Chapin to radio personalities Pat St. John, Pete Fornatale and Dennis Elsas to comedian Chris Monty, Playboy models, Miss America contestants and the curator of an art exhibit on graffiti by soldiers heading to Vietnam.  Alan has been producer and host of “The Grooveyard” since May 2012. After a two-year delay as a result of the Covid pandemic, Alan was formally inducted into the WCWP Hall of Fame (as a member of the Class of 2020) on June 11, 2022.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and requests, both about the show and the website. 

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  1. I’m looking for information about Gary McFarland who was a dj at WCWP In the Summer of 1970

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