This Weekend: A Rydell High

We'll play the music, you take the cake. Join us for a celebration of April birthdays, including a six-pack of hits paying tribute to the late Bobby Rydell and the Top Ten for the day host Alan Seltzer was born.

1955 and Earlier – The Results

This survey is a study of extremes, with three songs making the list for the first or second time on one end. On the other end, The Penguins have now reached the Top Five in the first round all ten years the Great 88 was in existence. And more surprising, the survey set a first-round record for votes.

This Weekend: A Super Survey Spectacular

Not one, but three spectacular surveys are featured on The Grooveyard. We feature some of the great early rock songs from Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Then we offer a bonus survey on the Grooveyard Top Ten, with the best songs from this date on 1955 and 1961. The second survey features the hits from when WCWP went on the air. Join us!

Twelve Days of Greats: No. 100

Each day leading up to the unveiling of the 2019 Grooveyard Great 88, we'll share a video of one song that just missed the survey.  Hear the full Great 88 on a special five hour edition of "The Grooveyard" on Saturday, December 28 from 7 PM to midnight.  Check out the complete year-end schedule here.... Continue Reading →

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