Top Ten: May 8, 1958

This week's Top Ten videos feature Ed Sullivan, Tony Randall, Bruce Springsteen and the East Street Band, Dick Clark, a circus the artists performing the hits.

Music of the 50’s: Beyond the Biggest Hits

Our columnist, Retro Dee, was forced to evacuate her home this week due to the Napa Wildfires in California.  We're praying for her family's safety, as well as her home.  Until she returns, we'll share some classic columns.  This is from March 2018. It’s rather clear that the 1950’s was the dawn of the Music... Continue Reading →

Music in the 50’s: Covered by Buddy

Retro Dee writes about music, fashion and other trends of the 1950s on this site.  Check out her blog, Retro Dee's Guide to the Best Era Ever here, and her column here every Wednesday. In the early days of Rock n Roll, it was common to for artists to do covers of other artists songs.... Continue Reading →

This Weekend: A Live Concert

Live concerts have always been a part of Thanksgiving weekend, and it's no different on The Grooveyard.  Saturday night at 7 PM, we'll play rare recordings from a 1956 Alan Freed concert. The disc jockey's  concerts were legendary.  They were the first rock concerts, the first to include a wide variety of artists, and the... Continue Reading →

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