Top Ten @ 10: November 8, 1960

Here's the Top Ten @ 10 for November 8, 1960, which would have been heard on this week's edition of "The Grooveyard" if not for power failures and road safety issues caused by a second storm in two weeks... #10  "Lonely Teenager" by Dion #9  "Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go" by Hank Ballard and... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary to CBS-FM!

Everyone at "The Grooveyard" wishes our friends at WCBS-FM a happy 40th anniversary.  They'll be celebrating the event this weekend with a reunion of many of the jocks who made the station great over the years.  Simply put, there would be no interest in the music played on "The Grooveyard" today without everything done on... Continue Reading →

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