Top Ten @ 10: October 18, 1958

First of all, thanks to St Francis Prep and CRC Crump for underwriting this week's edition of The Grooveyard as well as a portion of WCWP's Homecoming Weekend. Since this is a weekend of memories, here'sa bonus video with some personal ones. My high school is included here, plus a number of locations from my... Continue Reading →

Top Ten @ 10: October 11, 1959

Here's the Top Ten @ 10 for October 11, 1959 as heard on this week's edition of The Grooveyard: #10 :  "The Three Bells" by The Browns #9 "Poison Ivy" by The Coasters #8 "Deck of Cards" by Wink Martindale #7 "Red River Rock" by Johnny and the Hurricanes #6 "('Til) I Kissed You" by... Continue Reading →

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