Top Ten: October 5, 1961

Due to an abbreviated program, Alan Seltzer did not play the complete Top Ten of October 3, 1961 on tonight's edition of The Grooveyard.  Here's the full survey: #10 "My True Story" by The Jive Five #9 "Bless You" by Tony Orlando #8 "A Little Bit of Soap" by The Jarmels   Did you vote... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: October 6, 1961

Here's the Grooveyard Top Ten for October 6, 1961 as played tonight by Alan Seltzer on "The Grooveyard": #10 "My True Story" by The Jive Five #9 "Bless You" by Tony Orlando #8 "A Little Bit of Soap" by The Jarmels   Pick your favorites now! 1960     1961 #7 "The Mountain's High" by Dick and Dee Dee... Continue Reading →

Top Ten @ 10: October 8, 1961

In honor of WCWP's Homecoming Weekend and anniversary on the air, here's the Top Ten @ 10 for October 8, 1961 as played by host Alan Seltzer on tonight's edition of "The Grooveyard"... #10 "The Mountain's High" by Dick and Dee Dee #9 "Crying" by Roy Orbison #8 "Take Good Care of My Baby" by... Continue Reading →

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