This Weekend: Polka Power!

What influence did polka music have on early rock? We'll play your polka favorites this week, with Lawrence Welk, the Six Fat Dutchmen and Playa Piyamo. Grab your bubbly and join us!

This Weekend: March Madness

Forget your broken brackets--join us Saturday as we celebrate artists with March birthdays. We'll go Under the Covers with Mike Love of the Beach Boys, and play a six-pack of hits by Neil Sedaka.

Top Ten: 2021 Love Song Survey

Top 10? How about 50 as a Valentines weekend gift. Here's the results of our Love Song Survey, along with a downloadable survey sheet listing all the songs, just like you used to get at your record store.

This Weekend: February Festivity

Fats Domino, Carole King and Gerry Goffin highlight our February birthday celebration. Also, find out which two members of a vocal group celebrate their birthday on the same day. (Spoiler Alert: "Twins" is not in the group title.)

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