Video of the Week: Nov. 18, 2013

We commemorate this Friday's 50th anniversary of the assassination of our 35th President with this great rendition of "Abraham Martin and John" by Dion. The "Sing Alan Sing" challenge will benefit WhyHunger's grassroots efforts to end hunger both in the United States and abroad.  Donations of any amount are welcomed here.  WhyHunger has the rare... Continue Reading →

Top Ten @ 10: November 22, 1963

Here's the Top Ten @ 10 for November 22, 1963, as heard on the Thanksgiving edition of "The Grooveyard" with Alan Seltzer.  Since the survey was for the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, it's appropriate we offer this bonus video of Dion performing "Abraham Martin and John"... Now on to the survey itself...... Continue Reading →

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