Top Ten: Chuck Berry

We offered a special edition of the Grooveyard Top Ten tonight, paying tribute to Chuck Berry, the "Father of Rock and Roll", who died last Saturday.  Featured were the all-time top songs by Berry based on the Billboard charts. First, a bonus clip, featuring Chuck Berry on the Mike Douglas Show in February 1972.  Douglas'... Continue Reading →

This Week: May Days

It's the merry, merry month of May, and we'll celebrate it this week on "The Grooveyard". Join host Alan Seltzer Saturday night at 7 PM when we feature artists celebrating birthdays this month.  In honor of the final "Tonight Show" hosted by Johnny Carson, we'll look at the evolution of his theme from a minor... Continue Reading →

This Week: Carson’s Farewell and Memorial Day

A look back to Johnny Carson and a celebration of Memorial Day weekend are on tap for "The Grooveyard" and "Saturday Soiree" this week. A day following the departure of one late night television icon, host Alan Seltzer celebrates the 23rd anniversary of the last show of his mentor, Johnny Carson on "The Grooveyard" Thursday... Continue Reading →

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