This Weekend: Polka Power!

What influence did polka music have on early rock? We'll play your polka favorites this week, with Lawrence Welk, the Six Fat Dutchmen and Playa Piyamo. Grab your bubbly and join us!

Top Ten: 2021 Love Song Survey

Top 10? How about 50 as a Valentines weekend gift. Here's the results of our Love Song Survey, along with a downloadable survey sheet listing all the songs, just like you used to get at your record store.

Best of: Love for Mom

We'll show love for mothers--and everyone else--with a repeat broadcast of this year's Love Song Survey on The Grooveyard Saturday night at 7 PM.  Host Alan Seltzer will count down the Top 50 love songs in our sixth annual listener survey.  You can also view videos of every song on the survey--and download a list... Continue Reading →

This Weekend: Buddy, Ritchie and JP

Saturday night at 7 PM on "The Grooveyard", we'll look back at the artists who died in the plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa on February 3, 1959, frequently called "The Day the Music Died".  Host Alan Seltzer will feature the music of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.  He'll also share some... Continue Reading →

Top Ten: 2019 Love Song Survey

There was no Grooveyard Top Ten this week, since Alan Seltzer presented the 2019 Love Song Survey.  Videos of all the songs on the survey are available here: Number 1 - 10 Number 11 - 20 Number 21 - 30 Number 31-40 You can also download a copy of the full survey here,   Tickets... Continue Reading →

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