This Weekend: Pet Pic Party

"The Grooveyard" celebrates All American Pet Photo Day Saturday both on the air and online.  The show will feature animal songs, including dogs, cats and other pets.  Included is a special appearance by 8-week old parakeet Rego (right), who is sharing hosting duties with Alan Seltzer. You're also invited to share your pet photos with... Continue Reading →

Video of the Week: June 16, 2014

Over the weekend, Grooveyard host Alan Seltzer brought home two parakeets, named Pepper (after Sgt. Pepper, his first parakeet) and Robin, after the song in this week's video.  The hope is that Robin will go "tweet, tweet, tweet" just like the bird in the song, and "we're really gonna rock tonight".  Here's photos of the... Continue Reading →

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