This Weekend: Rockabilly for the Ranch

We'll celebrate the first anniversary of "Rick's Redneck Ranch" Saturday night on "The Grooveyard" with an hour of Rockabilly music from the Grooveyard era.  Host Alan Seltzer will also go "Under the Covers", playing original versions and interesting cover versions of some of the songs.  The show has been heard immediately before "The Grooveyard each... Continue Reading →


This Week: Celebration Time!

Join host Alan Seltzer on "The Grooveyard" Saturday night at 7 PM when we feature artists celebrating birthdays this month.  We'll feature a six-pack of hits by Freddy Cannon, whose birthday was on December 4th. In addition, the Grooveyard Top 10 will feature the hits of December 10, 1958, we'll play holiday hits and other... Continue Reading →

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