This Week: Dion at 75

"The Grooveyard" will celebrate the 75th birthday of Dion DiMucci  this Thursday night at 9 PM with a full hour of his recordings, both solo with the Belmonts..  The Bronx-born artist, better known just as Dion, was born July 18, 1939 in the Bronx.  Along with many of his hits, we'll share a recording of... Continue Reading →

This Week: A Bandstand Boogie

Thursday night at 9 PM, "The Grooveyard" honors the anniversary of Dick Clark beginning host duties on the show that became "American Bandstand" by playing music by artists that performed on the show.  On July 9. 1956, Clark replaced Bob Horn on a local dance show on WFIL in Philadelphia called "Bandstand" after the original... Continue Reading →

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